What a great technology it will be in 2024!!!

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What a great technology it will be in 2024!!!

Think about what will be big in 2024
As a futurist, I sometimes repeat some arguments. As mentioned in several articles and in my podcasts, I am working on updating the Enterprise Resource Triangle. But that is not the subject of this article. Every year, one of the things I talk about is the technologies that will be most important in the coming year. I usually post them in December, but this year I needed more time.

So we’ve arrived in the second week of 2024 with technology that’s going to be big this year. I will conclude my introduction with two things. First, I don’t review technologies that I haven’t used or considered. If I have heard of a technology but have not experienced it or have not had the opportunity to research it other than in person, do not use it in this column. So the technologies I’m talking about today will be important in 2024, our technologies that I have personally observed, researched or used.

The first area of ​​technology that will be important in 2024 is the emerging concept of artificial intelligence-based note-taking. Rating is an interesting problem because it varies depending on the medium. The basic materials for note-taking are:

A face-to-face meeting where someone takes notes.
An online meeting where someone takes notes.
Telephone conversation in which someone is taking notes.