What are the main functional testing tools used in retail?

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What are the main functional testing tools used in retail?

Testing the user interface, database, security, and client/server application software of the program under test is an essential part of functional testing. Tests can be run manually or automatically (using automation). Due to the high costs associated with functional testing, manual testing is often recommended. However, the increasing availability of open source tools has sparked interest from companies to try all the tests. Below are some of the most popular and respected open source functional testing tools.

‘s web automation technology known as Selenium can be used to perform tasks such as web browser automation. Selenium’s ease of use and wide browser compatibility have contributed to its widespread adoption. Tests on websites, mobile apps and online applications can be automated with Selenium. Selenium is widely used and has a large community of supporters that can be found online. Functional testing of computer programs and online applications is possible and easy with Selenium. The ability to run automated tests an unlimited number of times without incurring additional costs is one of the main benefits of migrating to Selenium, which brings with it many other benefits.

Because it provides an easy-to-understand and engaging method acceptance script, this Cucumber software tool is widely used in Behaviour Driven Development (BDD). Behavioural engineering is the methodology used in writing tests. Due to its accessibility, readability, and integration of professional features, Cucumber has become one of the most popular tools for a wide range of projects. Cucumber is becoming increasingly popular among companies, mainly due to the very easy readability of the code.

hp QTP
The company is called HP QTP Automated Functional Testing Tool. Although QTP is an expensive product, the fact that it can support desktop, web, and client-server applications more than offsets the cost. Once the script is completed, the solution makes it easier for testers to seamlessly perform automated functional testing without the need for supervision. QTP offers several plugins for connecting to a wide variety of technologies. In most cases, it is used to create web applications for clients and servers.