What is a PDF file?
PDF files, or portable document files, are common and easily accessible file types. Instead of providing customers with a Microsoft Word file where some people don’t have access to Word, it’s easier to provide a file that anyone can open.

PDF files retain the format of the document, making it it but almost like a picture. This is ideal for creating high quality magazine prints, menus or marketing materials.

While there are editable PDF forms, PDF files are primarily intended for viewing, not editing.

This increases security when sending digital contracts and invoices, provided that this is the case Customers can view PDF files, then sign online and pay through a secure portal.

Why convert XML to PDF?
Converting XML to PDF offers great convenience and speeds up your business processes. Only XML file management enables your company to manage large databases and document types in a small file size.

XML can be easily exported directly from your company’s systems, and most other database types convert easily to XML.

XML to PDF conversion lets you convert hundreds of documents process simultaneously Instead of creating recurring customer agreements individually, you can render and save all recurring agreements as a set.

PDF rendering makes it easy to share internally and with customers. Regardless of whether your employees or customers work on Windows, OSX or a mobile device, PDF files can be viewed without proprietary software.

As your systems grow and update, you don’t have to worry about managing file availability.