What is RSS Feed?

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What is RSS Feed?
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If you’re new to RSS or news feeds, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn more about them and how they can provide you or your business with a new way to communicate.

RSS Feed or news feed is growing and has become a huge part of the Internet, but many users do not understand what it is. They show people that their favorite website has added new content, without them having to go to that website. This can be done through a simple and often free software called an RSS reader.

The term RSS is an abbreviation for “Rich Website Summary,” but many people now call it “Simple Syndication.” It is mostly used to quickly share and distribute information to people in newsgroups and websites. This turned out to be a huge advantage; because they were able to reach more people quickly and discover what users were sharing on their websites; this is proven by the success of BBC News.