What is Tor and the Deep Internet?

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What is Tor and the Deep Internet?

In reality, TOR did not think like a pedophile network. It was built for special military purposes, but was eventually released and opened to the public, after which its active development began. It has been used by many different people, from journalists to protect communications with reporters and organizers wanting to maintain secrecy during an investigation, to law enforcement visiting their websites. I didn’t want to “flash” the official IP address.
So there is actually nothing wrong with the TOR network, it is very convenient and a great tool for protecting a person’s privacy and circumventing Internet censorship.

However, it also currently represents fertile ground for pedophiles, cybercriminals and cobblers who are just a few clicks away from the universal Internet, and the core of this problem in relation to our country is not the availability of TOR, but our forces of system order . . The characteristics of this network apply to all agency prostitution.

governments of various countries are trying to control the intense internet activity. In 2006, German intelligence seized six computers running Tor nodes, claiming they were being used to illegally exploit child pornography.

In 2007, German police arrested Alexander Janssen in Düsseldorf, who had set up a Tor server on his computer through which an unknown person sent a false report about the attack. Although Mr. Janssen was quickly fired, he chose not to use his computer as a starting point.

As of September 25, 2009, the Great Firewall blacklist contained 80% of the IP addresses of major public servers.

Unfortunately, I did not find any facts about the fight against TOR by national law enforcement agencies. Maybe they’ll do it anonymously.

Why am I saying all this? Next time you see a message that you have blocked another torrent tracker or hacker, don’t rush to be autocratic. Recently, the image of online hackers has become very perfect. And the problem is very deep. Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention and combat them. In the meantime, the case will not have a major impact on society: pedophiles and cybercriminals will not be afraid to go about their dirty business.

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