What makes one logo better than another?

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About trademarks

What makes one brand better than another?


A good brand that works simply. It is an unforgettable experience that represents your brand and builds trust with your customers. It should be fresh and original, without obvious clichés or self-indulgent influences. A well-designed logo looks as good on a business card as it does on a website or poster. To be effective, a good logo should be reduced to a simple black and white or gray color for use on faxes or newspaper advertisements. Good brands are simple.

Why do you need a brand?
In a way, a brand is a shortcut to who you are. Your brand reflects your identity and credibility. It creates loyalty among your customers and employees. Every time your brand appears on a website, sign, or ad, you are investing in your brand.

A professionally designed logo makes you instantly recognizable and should be unique, memorable and simple. Over time, the brand will become one of a company’s most important assets.

How is your brand positioned?
Use this brand for a quick test:
Does the
Logo have an immediate impact?
Is it nice to see? Is
Does it create or evoke a positive image?
Does it appropriately represent the organization or company?
Is it easy?
Do you understand? Isn’t it so?
Is it easy to replace?
Is it copied correctly? Will the
continue to be available, both large and small? Will the
wear well over time? Do you enjoy using