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What you need to know before you become a teacher

Do you remember your school days? Love them or hate them, often your view of your educational experience was based on your teachers. All it takes is a good teacher to see your potential and completely change your perspective at a young age.

Maybe you are now thinking “Should I be a teacher?”. Maybe you want to give something back to the next generation.But when you join an apprenticeship, you need to know what you’re getting yourself into.

Here’s what you need to know to become a teacher. Teaching takes longer than average 9-5 Teaching takes a lot more time than you think. A lot of people assume that teachers have long vacations and only have to work one school day a week, but they miss the point.

Teachers also have to write a lot. This should be done in your free time, not during the classes you will be teaching. There are also lesson plans and health and safety risk assessments and parent meetings and nights.

But there is another responsibility, and that is the time it takes to solve the problems of troubled students. They may have used illegal drugs, been arrested by the police, or accused of bullying another student.

Maybe their family life has broken down and that’s why they don’t go to school regularly. While other agencies may investigate these issues, these are not isolated cases and often require input from teachers and a face-to-face discussion between teacher and student.

If you decide this isn’t for you, don’t despair, there are many alternative jobs for teachers.
More than anything else, teaching requires emotional energy. You invest in your students and want them to be successful. So if they fail an important test or exam, you can think of them in your free time.