Whose site is it?

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Whose site is it?

Spend a lot of time emailing online business owners. Since this is my area of ​​expertise, many people ask me about my success. Surprisingly, most of these people are asking the wrong questions!
questions I mentioned are from website owners who want to know how they can improve themselves online. These website owners want to write copy about *their* company. They want to have a Flash homepage because they *love* it. They want to use their *favorite* colors to paint. of you may be saying “So?” You may be thinking >

The problem is that this is not *their* website! Let me explain…

Think for a moment. Why do you think so many stores are now willing to offer cash? They haven’t done this in recent years. In fact, it was a known fact that if you bought it, you would have it for life. However, in the last fifteen years this way of thinking has completely changed. From where? Customer question.

Salespeople know what customers need and meet them. They know that customers are the ones who buy the product, and that’s how they keep their stores running. The smart thing to do? Change your return policy and make your customers happy.

Was it the store’s idea to give money? NO. If it is in stock, no refund will be given. After all, this is *their* store, right? They can do whatever they want. Yes that is right! Not if they want to continue doing business.

The same principle applies to your website. Of course, you can use the same colors on your website, but what does your customer want? Flash promotions may be your favorite thing in the online world, but your customers may despise them. You may not like the idea of ​​a guarantee, but what about your customers? Whose site is it anyway? Is it yours? No, it’s not that.