Why AI is better than ET

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Why AI is better than ET

UFOs, i.e. unidentified flying objects, have fascinated the public since the 1940s.

UFOs have appeared in novels, films, and television shows, often depicting alien invasions, abductions, or encounters. Cinema gave us War of the Worlds, Alien Invasion, E.T. Aliens and Independence Day.

UFO enthusiasts have held annual conventions and conferences such as World UFO Day, Roswell UFO Festival, Alien Con, UFO Congress, Ozark Mountain UFO Conference and UFO MegaCon to share their UFO sighting experiences, theories , to exchange allegations and contacts.

Additionally, in recent decades there has been a marked rise in allegations that aliens have abducted humans and that aliens have taken humans against their will, undergone physical examinations, and returned with conflicting memories. (Incidentally, none of the abductees ever managed to bring back an alien artifact as evidence of their experience.)

Over the past year there has been much excitement over alleged new evidence of extraterrestrial visits to Earth, including reports of military pilots encountering mysterious aircraft. However, this evidence is unlikely to hold up over the long term. Many people even claim it is a distraction from government and other sources to divert attention from the many serious issues this country and the world are currently facing.

Although it may come as a surprise to many, I want to show that the existence and development of artificial intelligence is actually much more fascinating than belief in UFOs and much more likely to have an immediate destructive effect, not just on our lives. everyday life, but for society as a whole. Let’s look at some reasons for this thought.

ET may not be very smart The reality of
ET may be far removed from the creatures portrayed in science fiction. Aliens can be primitive and lack the advanced cognitive abilities commonly thought of as extraterrestrials.

Most depictions of extraterrestrials as intelligent and advanced beings are based on science fiction stories. In fact, some researchers have argued that given the scarcity of living conditions in the universe, the chances of finding intelligent extraterrestrial life are very slim, and that the chances of it being in a very primitive elemental state are much higher than achieving one to have form. intelligence, let alone human intelligence or superintelligence.

Finally, scientists on Mars are looking for microorganisms, organic compounds, or biological-chemical signatures—not intelligent or advanced life as was once believed on Mars.

ET may not be very friendly
Let’s call it a “War of the Worlds” scenario, but there’s a chance that the alien, even if it exists, isn’t a friendly being. The concept of hostile encounters with extraterrestrials, as in the film Independence Day, is a well-known theme in science fiction, raising concerns about possible danger as well as hopes of friendly contact. What if ET wants to conquer Earth and destroy us?

Certainly the same danger exists with AI, as Elon Musk and many others fear that if it becomes sentient, it might decide that we humans are the enemy and try to find ways to take us down. However, we do have at least some control over artificial intelligence that we wouldn’t have over aliens.