Why is your website not ranking well in search engines?

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Why is your website not ranking well in search engines?

In the digital age, websites are an indispensable means of reaching the brand. Websites, in particular, represent one of the company’s most important resources. Whether a small, medium or large company, for a thriving company, the website has proven to be the company’s main image. Websites act as a link between your business and your growing customers. This buried network has a dynamic impact on the running of your business. No matter how great your website or portfolio is that perfectly showcases your business, if your website is missing important aspects that you need to stand out in search engines, your business will not perform as expected. How do you find new customers? Top positions are the pinnacle of success on the Internet. It can take a long time to gain momentum and rank in the SERP.

In this article, we’ll explore why your website isn’t showing up in search engines.

Analyze bounce rate

First, analyze your website’s bounce rate. If your website’s bounce rate is 30 or more, you need to act now. Bounce rate is a measure of how many people bounced from your website to a competitor’s website. This means that they show no interest in accessing other pages on your website and go to your website from the page they arrived at. This action strengthens your competition’s website and it is important to find out the causes of the high bounce rate and fix them.