Why you should use search engine optimization

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Why you should use search engine optimization

It’s morning and John wakes up like he does every day. He turns on his computer and begins checking his email and website statistics. “$15 in AdSense and 1 sale… good, good…but I would still like it at $500 and 10 sales. He completes the statistics and goes to work to get paid so he can live a good life.

Marek also wakes up, makes himself a cup of coffee and then sits down comfortably in front of his laptop. He opens his statistics website and his heart begins to beat faster as he reads on the screen: “$399 in Adsense and 5 sales last night… good, but I WANT BETTER.” He closes the statistics, has a quick breakfast, sits down then goes back to his laptop and starts working on his websites to improve the statistics. He doesn’t have to go to work because his websites generate enough income that allows him to live a very good life.

Now the question is simple: Who would you rather be? Jean or Marc? Do you enjoy working for your boss and helping him make money so you can earn a living? Or maybe you want to be your own boss and run your own company? Because yes, these days having a good website is a business. If your answer is “John”, then you better stop reading this article and move on to more serious topics. However, if you’d rather be Mark, it’s worth reading on.

Ok, ok, but what does “having a good website” mean? I have great design, great online support, great products and offers, great website features…but I still don’t receive the income I expected? When you ask yourself this question, think about it for two minutes: “Who can I get money from for this project?” Website functionality? No, what really makes money is the traffic, the people who visit the website and order services/products or simply click on Google ads.