Win big with AdWords PPC campaigns

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Win big with AdWords PPC campaigns

Everyone wants to make $300 or more per day from their AdWords campaigns. You’ve launched a few campaigns, spent a few dollars, and now you’re wondering, “Where’s the profit?” »

There is no secret to success with AdWords. As with anything, joining the big AdWords profit leagues means putting in the hours. In this case, we are talking about hours spent working on keywords. Campaign A: Your AdWords campaign has only 4 keywords. These keywords are the most popular keywords for your industry. The average CPC is $1. These keywords get 6000 searches a day. Your campaign is getting a 2% CTR which means your getting $120 clicks at a total cost of $120.Campaign B: Research and bid on 2,000 keywords. The average CPC is 0.10. These 2,000 keywords also generate 6,000 searches per day. Again, with a CTR of 2%, your campaign will attract 120 visitors. But instead of paying $120 like Campaign A, you only pay $12.Campaign B contained 2,000 keywords. Campaign B keywords are less popular, resulting in a favorable CPC.

How to Find Keywords for Your PPC Campaign Now you know how important it is to thoroughly research your keywords before starting an AdWords campaign. But how do you create a long list of target keywords? That’s how it goes:

The simplest and easiest way to find good keywords is to think long and hard. “Yes, 50 words are enough for me,” you say. “Do you need any more keywords? Try these tools;

1. Google Keyword Tool ( Sandbox)
2.WordTracker (
3. Overture Search Suggestion Tool (

Have fun searching for keywords. You can never have too many keywords. Remember that with each keyword you increase your return on investment. And isn’t that the point?