Write website copy that sells: Try some meat with Flash

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Write website copy that sells: Try some meat with Flash

Your website looks great: solid words, easy navigation, graphics and maybe even a little flash with some rich media.

But customers don’t buy.

You wonder if it’s a letter. How is it possible? You remember the two most important mantras when it comes to website content: “Write for search engines” and “Write for support.” “You used the right keywords to help search engines find you and your traffic increased. Customers definitely enjoy reading your content because you have structured it with the internet in mind and used short sentences, short paragraphs and bullet points to mention the most important points: Customers can read but still don’t buy.

Chances are, your website’s copy has been optimized for technology, not people.

Selling online also means getting in touch with people. So how do you send your body over broadband? Start with traditional relationships: trust. Why not become a trusted supplier in your market? You can increase your credibility with words in at least 25 different ways. Here are two:

1) Write down what customers say, e.g
2) Make your offer the topic. “Amazing,” “fundamental,” and “debilitating” undermine trust. How is your website in terms of modifiers?