You do not use an Autoresponder address when you submit a search engine

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You do not use an Autoresponder address when you submit a search engine

Submit your site to Google or Yahoo! Note that these sites often use autoresponders as well, as you can submit them to search engines, directories, categories, and any site for free. If you use your autoresponder to ask companies questions, the autoresponder will respond to your questions, etc. will respond. So creating an auto-response loop will flood your email inbox and theirs, too.

You will not use an autoresponder to subscribe to e-magazines or forums. Since
E-magazine usually sends you new news and updates on a regular basis, your autoresponder will message you regularly. In a chat forum, each person who joins the chat receives an automatic response. This can be frustrating and will often result in your subscription being cancelled. It is often difficult for forum or e-journal administrators to determine who is using the autoresponder, and so it is common practice to never use the autoresponder in this way.

You will not use an autoresponder to take advantage of unsuspecting people.
Some non-professional companies will use autoresponders to automatically respond to messages. When this is done, the address in the “from” field will be automatically added to the list. This is an unconventional way to use autoresponders and they run the risk of creating a bad image of themselves and their company. Instead of promoting their service or company, they often annoy people and spread bad news about your
company instead of good news.

The Internet can be a great place to do business and autoresponders can be a great way to waste time, but if used incorrectly they can be distracting and annoying. If you choose to participate in these bad practices, your company will lose a lot of business. Correct use of traffic can create more sales, while incorrect use can reduce these sales.