Your marketing network

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Your marketing network

Are you wondering why some personal trainers seem popular and sought-after in their field, while others (maybe you?) still struggle to attract all the clients they want?

I can give a simple answer to this question (of course!). It’s called the Marketing Funnel, and if you implement it in your business, I promise you, not only can you sell more products and services, but you can also enjoy being treated like an expert. And you will be very happy!

You know what a funnel looks like, right? It is broad and wide at the top and tapers to open. When your potential customers go online via your e-magazine or other (usually) free offering, they are “getting to know you” in the form of a link. Once they know you, like you, and trust you, they will likely move to the next level, which includes your fee-for-service products and services, your first expensive product as they increase in value and price. It decreases to
. They like it when you end up getting a one-on-one or another big ticket deal. This is exactly how the marketing funnel system works.

I see many coaches and other self-service professionals offering free gifts at the top of their funnel and then offering their packages in a row at the bottom, with nothing in between. I made a mistake too. It is important to have offerings at every level of your Internet marketing so that people know, like and trust you and know, like and trust your products and services.

When you offer your products and services at different prices, you reduce the financial and emotional impact on your potential customers. You make it almost impossible for them not to buy you!

Implementing this system is simple. Start attracting offers via your internet. Create a free offering (ezine, mini e-course, e-book, report, guide, list, etc.) ) and place the registration page ‘above the fold’ and prominently on your website. You’ll want to include a link to the free version in your email signature.