5 Instagram Sins Every Marketer Should Avoid

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5 Instagram Sins Every Marketer Should Avoid
Instagram currently has over 700 million users. For ordinary consumers, the platform has quickly become the most popular place to connect with friends and keep track of the daily global pulse. For brands and marketers, the growing platform has become a haven for social media growth, turning simple accounts into viral memes in a matter of hours.

Although the potential opportunities are huge, most brands lose their fame and, like the rest of us, end up with low engagement and no followers. To stand out as a marketer and achieve long-term success, you must always be on the right track. Even the simplest mistakes can ruin you and your brand, and in such a highly competitive game, there is no room for mistakes.

This article will discuss the 7 sins of Instagram that every marketer should avoid.

1. Short-term sales optimization

The easiest way to “dehumanize” your brand is to optimize it for short-term revenue rather than customer retention. Selling your audience for short-term profit will hurt you in the long run and destroy the connections and trust you have built with your followers.

Before you post, ask yourself: If I were a follower, what would I want to see? Many marketers skip this process because they believe that they need to start monetizing their profiles as soon as possible to improve their company’s ROI in their social media work. A better way to look at monetization is from a long-term perspective: the value of an audience lies not in making money easily, but in building a long-term relationship with lots of transactions.

2. Glass next to organic

In the world of social media, as in many other areas of business, it’s the little things that make the difference. Optimize and test if possible!

Many marketers start publishing straight away (because a. it’s the most fun and b. it’s the most productive). But the reality is that taking the time to create a perfect copy of your bio can go a long way. Remember that your bio is one of the few ways to impress the user who visits your profile.

This is your rare chance to make a good impression and potentially convert a user into a follower or, even better, a customer. An interesting and useful tip is to use detailed statistics to track the number of link clicks in your bio. This way you can use the data to formulate an optimal text.

3.Posting at the wrong time

You know the feeling when you create the perfect piece of content and all you want to do is click publish. You need to resist the temptation and wait to publish at the “optimal date.” These optimal times vary depending on the demographics of your target audience. However, by changing your posting process, you will ensure that your post is seen more often and clicked on by more people.

Research can help you stand out from the rest of marketers, even if it requires a small amount of time and facilitation!

4.Defend yourself to the public

The hard truth is that the world of Instagram marketing is very competitive. Many smart and talented marketers want to grow their accounts. Although there are many unique things you can do to stand out, you should never beg for attention. None of your followers want to hear you begging for likes, comments and new followers.

Stay true to your mission of providing value to your audience and you will avoid this common “growth trap.”

5. Write long texts

There is a common misconception on Instagram that more is better. In the case of a caption, it is usually very wrong. To understand your audience, you need to understand that none of them want to spend minutes reading your speech in a caption.

Less is more. Be concise and clever – it’s much more memorable than copying and pasting a lengthy exposition into your caption.