How to use Instagram Story to promote your business

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How to use Instagram Story to promote your business

Instagram’s photo swiping platform is an exceptionally powerful tool for businesses smart enough to recognize its value. Although the concept of this social media giant is simple, its marketing power is at its peak.

In fact, according to Hootesuite, 1 billion people use the platform every month. Additionally, 63% of users log in daily. With such impressive statistics, businesses cannot afford to ignore the social networking site.

Instagram isn’t just about scrolling through photos. A tool called Stories allows individuals and businesses to add photos or videos up to 24 hours long. Stories appear at the top of users’ feeds and quickly disappear. Each story lasts 15 seconds, so it should be short and sweet.

So how can you use stories to promote your business? It’s easy! Consider using the following ideas to make using this amazing tool easier.

Share user-generated content Word of mouth from
may be an old-fashioned marketing tool, but it’s still incredibly powerful. Enable it in a new and modern way by adding user-generated content (USG) to your Instagram Stories, of course with each user’s permission.

USG sounds complicated, but it simply means content generated by your fans. Let’s say you run a company that makes handcrafted furniture. If one of your customers takes a beautiful photo of your chair in her beautifully decorated home and posts it on Instagram, ask her if you can share it in your Stories! Sit back and let your fans sell for you.

Use Instagram Stories to create educational content. Provide simple tutorials with easy-to-follow instructions. These don’t necessarily have to be about a specific way of using your product or service, but they should be clearly relevant and useful to your audience.

In the furniture store, for example, you can tell your fans how to repair a hole in a leather sofa or give your best tips for arranging furniture in a small apartment. Stories are informal and only appear for a short time, so you can use them to experiment with ideas like these.

Take your fans behind the scenes
Your customers want to know what goes on behind the scenes of your company. Give them an overview of your warehouse, facilities, project team meetings – everything that is important to your company. Show them your human side! Unlike other forms of marketing, Instagram Stories don’t have to be polished and perfect.

Collaborate with an influencer
If there is a particular influencer who can work well with your products and company, you should try to work with them to grow your business. Make sure the influencer’s style and aesthetic match yours.

Check an influencer’s follower count before collaborating with them. Contact the influencer directly instead of posting an ad. The best way would be to send an email when you find the influencer’s email address.

Using surveys to increase engagement
You can answer all your questions by including polls in your Instagram posts. Surveys are a great way to make your customers feel like they are being listened to. Once they know their opinion matters, it’s easier for you to build strong, lasting relationships with your customers.

Your polls don’t have to be brand-focused. You can choose from any of the topics that compliment your brand. For instance, if you are into selling cars, your poll could be about favourite road trip destinations. You can use a broad range of topics to get your followers interested in your brand.

Using Instagram stories for your marketing is a creative, inexpensive, and effective way to grow your business – and it’s easier to adopt than it appears. It’s also easy to become an ACH Payment Coordinator (PayFac). ACH Pay Facs enables SaaS platforms to onboard customers easily and efficiently.